Mama's Crystal Clear Oils

Mama's Crystal Clear Oils

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These Crystal Clear oils not only smell divine, they are.

Specially blended energy oils created to coordinate with natural crystals. Mama's Crystal Clear Oils are 100% pure essential oils in an avocado oil base. Use these oils to shift your mood, enhance your meditations, balance your energy or just to smell fantastic. Each oil is infused with crystals and blessed by Mama Sadio to amplify the energy.

  • Rose Quartz for love of self | Soft floral scent
  • Amethyst for spiritual connection | Lavender based scent
  • Red Jasper for empowering | Warm, Spicy scent
  • Aventurine for a lighter heart | Green, Citrusy scent
  • Blue Lapis to stimulate intuition | Heady scent with Jasmine overtones 
  • Sodalite for self acceptance | Sweet, Peppery scent 
  • Clear Quartz for mental clarity | Clean, woodsy, citrus scent
  • Fluorite for stress reduction | Cumulus clouds, 84 degrees scent
  • Obsidian for protection | Spicy, Molasses scent
  • Tiger's Eye for inspiration | Bright fresh scent 


Rub on pressure points

  • Wrists
  • Back of the neck
  • Behind the ears 
  • Back of the knees
  • Bottom of feet 
  • Any combination of the list