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FaceFood Skin Set

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FaceFood is an original formula by Desirée Crump comprised of Calendula, SeaBuckthorn Berry, Lavender, Turmeric, Cucumber, Green Tea, Carrot extract, Carrot oil, Jojoba, and Raspberry seed oil. These ingredients along with a few unlisted proprietary ingredients work synergistically to produce the 33 benefits listed below 🌱

🌱rich in Vitamins A, B, C, K & E

🌱safe for various skin types— Eczema, Psoriasis included

🌱non-comedogenic— does not clog pores ( great to use if you’re a makeup enthusiast or artists)

🌱natural sunscreen—SPF 38-40

🌱repairs damage in skin cells

🌱prevents oxidative stress— that cause wrinkles

🌱improves skin viscoelasticity & firmness

🌱great for all skin types—combination, dry, or oily

🌱fast absorbing

🌱boosts collagen in the skin

🌱prevents oil glands from producing excess sebum (natural oil from the skin)

🌱reduces breakouts

🌱antibacterial & anti-fungal properties— treat, prevent, & reduce acne & other skin ailments

🌱increases tissue growth— reduces scarring

🌱anti-inflammatory properties calm the skin & reduce redness

🌱reduces hyperpigmentation— gradually fades blemish marks

🌱very gentle on the skin—important for sensitive skin

🌱aids in skin's natural shedding process

🌱reduces irritation from chemical products

🌱reduces puffiness

🌱soothes skin

🌱tightens skin

🌱packed with phytonutrients that  feed the skin

🌱improves skin’s complexion in 3-6 weeks

🌱reduces swelling

🌱rejuvenates skin cells

🌱preserves skin moisture

🌱lighter than most face oils (closest to our skin’s natural sebum)

🌱almost immediately penetrates the skin

🌱filled with copper & zinc minerals—protects the skin

🌱doesn’t evaporate like water-based moisturizers— long lasting moisture

🌱rich in polyphenolic antioxidants